Two Cents Security is a place to discuss about IT Security news and find resources to make your Internet life more secure.

News and links from the world are also provided in the Twitter account: @LCyberspazio

You can also check the Facebook page:

To contact me via mail, please follow these simple precautions. You are not forced but it will be a good exercise in security and simplify a lot my life šŸ™‚

  • Please send Plain Text formatted mail.
  • If you want you can encrypt the mail with the following PGP key.
  • Using this address and key I’m able to reach your mail also in mobile scenario. If you don’t trust of this stage of security please contact me and I’ll eventually provide you another address and a strong key.
  • I’m a technician, do not send me politics and similar types of mail, that’s not my topic…



IM: []
OTR Fingerprint: FEA80B2F 9F0CAFE4 79F707C3 3C1B33B3 FC31E57A


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