Two Cents Crypto Frontend

In the previous months I’ve developed a suite of wizards to help performing many cryptography tasks on GNU/Linux systems. I’m talking about Two Cents Crypto Frontend and I’ll refer to it from now on as TCCF.

TCCF is a bash script collection that implements several wizards to make easy for the user the accomplishment of all the main crypto tasks here following

  • Device encryption with several algorithms (from AES to Serpent)
  • Creation and mounting of encrypted storages in regular files. Like encrypted partitions but contained in a simple file.
  • Encryption/Decryption of files with a password.
  • Encryption/Decryption of all the files starting from a directory to all subdirectories with a password. This may be useful to create backup DVDs or memories that needs to be accessible on other systems than GNU/Linux. This way you can decrypt with every PGP implementations the files.
  • Easy edit of encrypted text files.
  • Asymmetric encryption and digital signature tasks and key management.
  • Disk and file wiping (secure deletion).

TCCF implements all of this wizards in bash script using dialog for ncurses graphic interface, so even for a server machine that does not run X, it’s possible to use a simple, yet powerful interface.

Each feature of TCCF is implemented in a single script, so if you don’t want to navigate through the menus, you can simply run the script you want.

Also, no installation or dependecies are needed, you can download the zip with the scripts and run directly

$ ./tccf

to run the suite. Obviously, to be a frontend you need to have installed the programs that it uses to perform encryption tasks. Mainly they are

  • cryptsetup (included with most of the distros)
  • gpg (included with most of the distros)
  • secure-delete srm (eg: sudo apt-get install secure-delete)

To download TCCF suite, please follow this link to github and download the ZIP or the source in direct way. TCCF is a free software, so act according to the GPLv3 licence.



Please, contact me for any question or any bug signalation following the directives here: CONTACTS

Lorenzo “EclipseSpark” Faletra is integrating TCCF into Parrot Security OS. It ports asap all the new features and add also some features specifically implemented in ParrotOS but not other Linux systems. So, if you are a ParrotOS user, you can maintain the installed TCCF version and maybe wait the official updates or update only the fixed scripts.


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